Mocktail Mojito

Mojito Mocktail

With its scintillating bouquet of fresh mint, lemon and lime, this mocktail instantly evokes summertime and beaches. Its fruity notes are just as powerful in the palate and leave behind a lingering freshness. Made from white rum-derived natural flavours, the Mojito Mocktail gives the illusion of alcohol, but in taste only. For maximum enjoyment, serve on ice with a few citrus wedges for added fragrance. This sparkling, semi-sweet and semi-acidic blend makes for a tasty cocktail that will leave you wanting more!

  • Alcohol free
  • Storage: Keep at room temperature and refrigerate after opening
  • Aging potential: Maximum of 2 years

Available formats
750 ml (12 bottles/case)

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts

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