Les Moûts de Pomme got its start in the beautiful Orford-Magog area of Eastern Townships Quebec. In 1994, the Bergeron family purchased a small farm there, with the idea of growing apples. From preparing the fields to planting the apple trees, everybody in the family put their energy and heart into the project.

When the apples finally came, the crop was beyond their wildest dreams. The Bergerons were delighted, and overwhelmed. With so many apples at hand, the family decided to create a unique product – something more interesting than the ever-present local apple cider..

A man of vision and creative passion, Mr. Bergeron began a 10-year effort to develop a pure, artisanal quality sparkling apple juice. In keeping with the family’s commitment to health, the juice was to be produced in the French tradition: completely natural, with no added water, sugar, or preservatives, and pasteurized in the bottle.

The Bergerons visited apple growers and juice facilities in Europe and the United States to learn all they could about the art of making a pure, traditional sparkling apple juice. They decided to call their brand Les Moûts de P.O.M., meaning “ The Pressing from Pommeraie Orford-Magog” – the area where the original orchards stood.

Located in Saint-François-Xavier-de-Brompton, in the Eastern Townships, Les Moûts de P.O.M. produces a variety of sparkling juices and custom products. Its offerings include 13 flavours and are sold throughout Quebec, as well as in certain parts of Canada and the United States. In 2011, the company introduced a new line of cocktails that are 100% natural and alcohol-free, dubbed Mocktails. Its products also include the San Perrio line, which boasts four flavours of sparkling lemonades.

Our highly qualified team is able to rapidly and expertly develop quality products while meeting the most stringent industry and consumer standards. We currently offer two product brands, namely Xavier and San Perrio. Visit our blog to stay up-to-date on our latest news!

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