Because we have a passion for quality products, we take special care to use only the finest production methods and ingredients. We are proud to be the first Canadian establishment to be accredited as a sparkling apple juice producer. Our artisanal, 100% natural, and non-alcoholic products are brimming with rich and delicious fruit flavour, and entirely free of chemical products.

Sparkling Apple Juice Mocktail Lemonade

Xavier Apple Juice

“Apple must” is the unfermented liquid made from the first pressing of fresh, healthy, clean and fully grown apples. Each bottle of Xavier Apple Must contains the equivalent of 3 lbs of McIntosh apples, which are available in large numbers on the Quebec market. This world-famous fruit gives the product a subtle and delicate flavour, along with a characteristic fragrance of ripe fruit. The addition of CO2 makes the must bubbly, and in-bottle pasteurization preserves freshness. A light to medium amber colour, Xavier Apple Must contains no water, sugar or preservatives.

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Mout de pomme

Xavier Mocktail

Mocktails are sparkling juices inspired by popular cocktails. They are completely alcohol-free and made from juice concentrates, natural fruit flavours, and Canadian spring water. Mocktails are clarified, carbonated, bottled and pasteurized using traditional French methods.

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San Perrio Lemonade

Our sparkling artisanal lemonades are made from natural spring water from the Appalachians and all-natural flavours. They are pasteurized in bottles and contain no chemical products or preservatives.

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Orange Limonade